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All income transactions are analysed by blockchain risk-scoring system in accordance with AMLD5
Multi-account support to keep your clients sorted as you need
Multi-currency support in 50+ digital currencies
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Maximum global coverage

Accepting cryptocurrency makes your businesses borderless due to its nature. You can bill your customers in digital currency around the world and receive an equal amount in a required national currency to your account in our payment system with the help of an integrated exchange.

Increase in customer conversion

Integrated risk management

Flexible multi-account management

There are 3 simple and global payment methods in our crypto processing, which simplifies the checkout process and helps increase the conversion rate up to 35%.
All incoming transactions in our payment gateway are analysed by trusted risk-scoring services to detect suspicious ones. A report is available on demand.
Our crypto payment gateway provides instant exchange service in 50+ digital currencies and a deep liquidity pool.

Multi-currency built-in exchange

Our merchant's dashboard gives you an opportunity to create unique folders and manage your brokers or other services.
More methods
more conversion
A simple deposit in cryptocurrency that is not tied to a specific fiat amount and time.
A deposit in cryptocurrency tied to a
specific fiat amount which needs to be settled in a short period of time. Recommended for iGaming.
Plug and Pay
A deposit method in cryptocurrency based on recurring and seamless top-ups with a single sign-in.
Your headache-free PSP
Enable cryptocurrency payments for maximum coverage
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