Crypto payment solution
for iGaming

Empower your business with a borderless payment method. Accept Bitcoin and other coins for deposit and get paid directly to your bank account in EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CAD or AUD.

Why you should try Cryptoprocessing

A licensed and security audited solution with a leading position in crypto payments for iGaming

Instant deposits in crypto

We credit the user’s account within 1 second of the payment, before it’s included in the blockchain.

Simple integration

We offer full integration support via a dedicated manager, so you and your customers can enjoy the features of Cryptoprocessing in no time!

Settlements in the most popular fiat currencies

Receive funds directly to your bank account in EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CAD or AUD and other currencies.

Instant exchange to fiat

Accept crypto payments and exchange them to EUR and 40+ other fiat currencies immediately.

Automatic Payouts

Make automatic payouts to multiple addresses – an essential function for affiliate systems.

Blockchain-based risk assessment

Protect your business from suspicious funds and fraud with our advanced security system.


  • Invoices
  • Exchange
  • Turnkey Solutions


Invoices – a method of bill generation where a given cryptocurrency is tied to a specific fiat amount, which the customer has to pay within a short period of time (15 minutes), after which the invoice has to be regenerated with the new exchange rate.

A flexible tool that allows your customers to pay in crypto and credits your account with the required amount in EUR or other currency.


Instant exchange between 31 crypto- and 23 fiat currencies. Manage your financial risks with ease.

Automatic conversion of payments in any crypto or fiat currency into a currency of your choice.

Our OTC desk will help you to exchange large sums at the most preferable rates.

Turnkey Solutions

Cryptoprocessing offers a turnkey SaaS solution for businesses who wish to provide crypto payment services to their merchants using our infrastructure. Our partners get access to the same functionality that we use.

Out-of-the-box technical infrastructure.

Round-the-clock support and maintenance.

Timely upgrades of the system.

Customers About Us

We appreciate every opinion on our service and thank each one of you for your trust in

mBit Casino

Our casino had to select among 5 different processing companies, and we definitely made the right choice with The integration and onboarding process were very smooth and took much less time than we expected. The tech team on the side did a great job, guiding us through every step. The system has been working smoothly since then – from initial conversion to withdrawals.


We aim to be the best Bitcoin & Real Money casino – and that means we have to provide the best payment experience for our players. We found a way to do that with Cryptoprocessing. Their combination of support for crypto and fiat currencies is second to none. Our deposits and withdrawals have never been so fast – thanks!

Redstar Poker

Our company runs the oldest poker room in the Russian-speaking space, with very demanding clients, many of whom are high-stakes players. They expect their deposits to be processed within minutes and they don't want to wait for days for a withdrawal. So for us it's the speed of that is the most important. We've also always had great communications with them. We hope that our partnership will continue for many years to come.

Since we offer all types of betting & gamblig (sports, eSports, casino, live), we needed a payment solution that could tick all the boxes. by CoinsPaid managed to do that. We've never had any problems with them, their support was always available. Their system of cold and hot wallets also proved extremely secure and convenient. Thanks and all the best!


For the past two years, we have been recognized with 12 accolades as the number one esports iGaming supplier, and in part, this success is thanks to by CoinsPaid. Our innovative approach to be among the first to offer betting on esports in crypto led us easily choose gateway. By accepting 7 different cryptocurrencies, instantly converts them into the currency we need. We believe that crypto betting is the future, something we early envisioned and found the right partners from

True Flip

We spent two years building our own crypto processing system, but the result wasn't what we expected. Some transactions got lost, or we got 0 confirmations, etc. Finally we decided to switch to – and we got everything we had hoped for. A smoothly working gateway where payments are never lost, with fast processing times etc. Thanks a lot to the team!

N1 Partners

Everyone at by CoinsPaid is focused on evolving our products and services to meet the changing needs of our users. We look forward to working with on our ongoing mission of becoming the best and most trusted multi-crypto casino.

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Come join us for three days (4-6 February 2020) of engagement with the latest solutions, content and networking opportunities not only across the globe but across all sectors of gaming. ICE London presents the complete platform for you to build revenue, innovations and indispensable relationships.

Sigma Europe

27-29 Nov 2019

The SiGMA event calendar boasts a full complement of entries. While all roads still lead to the Summit in November, the expo is supported by numerous other local and global events that occur throughout the year – giving the company’s ambitions plenty of space to play out.

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